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ISM G3 Band Radio Modem

RDM505 Radio Modem

The RDM505 is a Half-Duplex data radio modem and Telemetry interface that is simple to configure and use. RDM505, ISM 868Mhz G3 Band 27dBm (500mWerp) radio modem, is used as the wireless data transmission in long distance up to 15 km. With the small size, weight and low power consumption. It has the function of transperan data transmission, smart repeater, telemtry network managment support, I/O copy function, Remote firm-ware upgare function and remote self test function. It is used for wireless Telemetry and SCADA aplications.

In addition ; RDM505 has an enhanced Sleep Modes & Fast Wake-up Time function to allow use with “on demand” operation in Water flow meter and similar low power applications.


• Radio transmission power less than of 500mW

• High receiving sensitivity -112dbm

• ISM G3 frequency band carrier frequency of 869,40 to 869,65 MHz.

• High anti-interference and low BER ( Bit error Rate )

• Working Temprature -40°C to +85°C

• Long transmission distance

• Transparent data comunication

• Networked data comunication

• Smart repeter

• 5 bidirectional I/O and Smart I/O copy function

• 10 channel and RF comunication speed up to 57600bps

• High speed wireless communication and large data buffer

• Low-power consumption

• RS232/485 Serial Interface

Technical Specifications

Modulation Mode


Working Frequency

868 MHz ( 869.400-869.650 MHz EU user )

Channel Spacing

25Khz ve 250Khz( EU user )

Tranmission Power

27 dBm / 500 mW


10 ( 25Khz Band with )

FRequency Error

< +/- 100ppm

Type of Emission


Comunication Mode


Receiving Sensitivity


Transmitting Current

<60mA (24Vdc)

Receving Current

<4mA (24Vdc )

Sleaping Current


Serial Interface speed rate ( Air )

Up to 57600Bit/s

Serial Interface speed rate( Serial )

Up to115200Bit/s

Rx to Tx delay time ( Max )




Power Supply


Working Humidity

10%~90% RH

Working Temprature



110mmX70mmX25mm ABS

CE Complience

  • EN 60950-1:2006 Health and Safety of the user
  • EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2 & EN301 489-3 V1.4.1 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • EN 300 220-2 V2.4.1 Effective use of radio spectrum